Saturday, December 31, 2016

To the tune of "In the Good Old Summertime"

They will pay you back in kind. Yes, they'll pay you back in kind. Your actions and their countermoves will scribe a gruesome rhyme. (Whatever force you claim to use they'll mimic in no time.) Your thoughts will land upon a corpse and that's a very bad sign that you're a schmutzy wookie who's got bullfrogs on your mind.

Friday, December 23, 2016

If Modern Anarchists fought in Spain

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Distilled Diamond

She's a jammer, Maryland All-Star, but against
Virginia mostly blocks, often with a stripe
prepared to take the star and score. Slamshine
Allie makes her own lane. Her twisty sideways
push through a tight pack to shut down a loose
jammer squirms hard as proof through derby
flow, inside or outside, always forward,
to frustrate one-on-one . When praised later,
she blazed her resolve, "That bitch isn't
getting past me."--And they didn't.

--about Slamshine Allie's play at The Battle of the All-Stars State Tournament, February 2016. See her with Brandywine Roller Derby on at 1pm EST on Friday, Nov 4 and on ESPN-3 at 3pm or 5pm on Sunday, November 6.

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Two cowboys got screwed hard;
their E-string elixir shares tweets,
piccolo in C.

They were 6 feet nine inches,
a calm presence in any milieu,
with very expressive heads and ears.

I want to live so I can get away
to the next logical step after blessing,
Dorian Temper.

Vitamins, syphilis, and a toy duck
invited into your bag proceed
to stretch slim jeans;

You need to work to suppress this little node
where there are tools in the tools
with the most accurate stainless bull,
one-eighth spin rate.

Did you use my words?
Goya's Maja designs fern, poppy, fawn
studio stamps and lawn,
blue ranger on a 45-caliber rampage.
Her stag agrees with a frag tank.

(& see )

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Logicians Liberation League Manifesto


logic is the essence of philosophy, and
logic is the organon of philosophy, and
logic is the form of philosophy


coaches, assistant coaches, managers, trainers and fans
of the IU philosophy team have
made frequent and insinuating remarks about the number of
logicians recruited for this year's philosophy team,
have discouraged the recruitment of outstanding out-of-state
prospects solely on the ground that they are logicians,
have refused to recognize the right of logicians to their
own unique cultural heritage, acquiescing in particular in
the denial to them of such treasured items as blackboards,
erasers, chalk, and old napkins,
performed acts degrading to logicians as human beings,
performed acts degrading to logicians as individuals,
performed acts degrading to logicians as men,
performed acts degrading to logicians as manifestations of God,
collections of atoms, free spirits,


misery, suffering, pain, affliction, and one severe case of
philosopher's foot,

We the members of


do hereby announce our intention, if attention to our fair
grievances is not forthcoming,
to boycott Friday practice sessions,
to howl and jeer when the name of an ethicist, metaphysician,
epistemologist, aesthetician, or any other kind of
Establishment jerk is proposed for addition to the team,
to root for the political science department in competition
for the coveted Ewing Bowl,
to reveal that other members of the team are mere symbol
pushers and hawkers of uninterpretable calculi,
to prove the existence of God, the relativity of moral judgments,
the identity thesis, and the truth of neo-Pythagorean
skeptical hedonism, thus leaving other members of the
team with nothing to talk about.

Do not be deceived, Establishment pigs (this means you too,
Establishment dogs). The subservience of past generations
of logicians does not mean that we shall bear forever our
treatment as animals (you barnyard fowl). We are human
beings (you swine). You are living in a day when logicians
will not any longer endure your taunts, your slurs, your
insults (you filthy vermin). In the name of A. N. Whitehead
and B. Russell we gather; in the spirit of R. Carnap and
A. Tarski, we march; by the word of W. V. O. Quine, we shall
prevail. Beware you snakes of the Philosophical Power
Structure, which you have created and which you maintain to
put down the logician; you have caged the eagle of reason,
the dove of wisdom, and the lark of a definite, precisely
formulated formal system, with exact formation rules, a
recursive set of axioms, and clear and cogent rules of
inference, and you have made them your pigeons. Oh, you
filterable viruses, we will shake you off and fly once more.

All my love,
Robert K. Meyer
Maximum Leader
Logicians Liberation League

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Rita Dove – Concert at Hanover Square

 June 2, 1790. George Bridgetower and
 Franz Clement: child prodigies, of an age
Do not think for a moment
that we were boys. Souls
in a like anguish, perhaps;
or when in a fortunate instant
we forgot ourselves—gray mice
biting each others' tails,
rolling in the grass in our woolen knickers.

We did not understand how to covet.
We knew hatred
because we could smell it
all around us, it sang in the cool glasses
tinkling over our heads,
the carefully tended laughter,
the curious glint
of a widow's appraisal.

As for competition—ah, well.
Want was a quality I could taste,
music set my body a-roil,
I was nothing if not everything
when the music was in me.
I could be fierce, I could shred
the heads off flowers for breakfast
with my bare teeth, simply because
I deserved such loneliness.

If this was ambition, or hatred,
or envy—then I was all
those things, and so was he.

Two rag dolls set out for tea
in our smart red waistcoats,
we suffered their delight,
we did not fail our parts—
not as boys nor rivals even
but men: broken, then improperly
mended; abandoned
far beyond the province
of the innocent.

from Sonata Mulattica, W. W. Norton 2009

It's a good book. Buy it!

and listen to Professor Dove reading this poem.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Long Poetry Bio

Born under a full moon on the fall equinox in the year of the snake, which was also the year Mad Libs was born, Steven Schmidt practiced pure pretension until humbled by the Muse.

Steven Schmidt is a software developer who has worked on accounting, engineering, clinical lab, and genomic applications. He has a B Math from Univ of Waterloo (Ontario) and an interest in modal & relevance logic and self-referential paradoxes.

He started writing poetry in 1977. He has had poems published in Soundings, Zephyr, Hookah, Xanadu, Long Island Sounds, Freshet, Maintenant, Perspectives II, Writing Outside the Lines, and Bards Annual, sometimes under the name Steven Zetschka.
He has made tunes for poems by Johnny Arp, William Blake, Emily Rogers, Mitzi Grossman, Raymond Patterson, Jack Kerouac, Kathaleen Donnelly, and Adam Fisher.

He was active in the Great South Bay Poetry Cooperative. He has participated in the Long Island Poetry Collective peer workshop for 16 years, the Lake Grove Poets peer workshop, and the Farmingdale Creative Writing and poetry workshops.

He claims the following have influenced his poetry:

  • Sumerian poetry
  • The Elder Edda
  • Ikkyu Sojun
  • Troubadors Arnaut Daniel and Guirat de Bornelh (He claims to have been, in a previous life, a peasant killed by Bertran de Born.)
  • Minnesingers Walter von der Vogelweide and Neidhart von Reuenthal
  • "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"
  • Thomas Campion
  • Ramprasad Sen
  • Emily Dickinson
  • Robert Graves
  • Kurt Schwitters
  • Tristan Tzara
  • Hugo Ball
  • Jean Arp
  • Federico Garcia Lorca
  • Shinkichi Takahashi
  • Laura Riding
  • Vernon Watkins
  • Mary Barnard
  • Leonard Cohen
  • Peter Sinfield
  • Devo
  • Lydia Lunch
  • Babes in Toyland (esp. _Spanking_Machine_)
  • George Wallace
  • Rae Armantrout

His ability to be influenced has been aided by an integrity deficit. Guilty of indulging in extreme metalepsis: take the transitive closure of (Metonymy union Metaphor) and then a topological closure of that.

He hosts the Northport Arts Coalition's monthly Poets in Port readings and organized the Nest of Flames instant book party in April 2008 and the Dickinson in December poetry & music event in December 2008 at the Northport Library.

Two arrests, no convictions.

To write some poems one must
walk right to the cliff edge
and to revise them,
look down.

Endorsement by Barbara Reiher-Meyers:

There once was a poet named Schmidt
who wrote of some fantastic ... stuff.
I could listen for days,
not know what he says,
but be glad just to be part of it.