Sunday, July 29, 2007

Shonen Knife

Here is the Shonen Knife shirt mentioned in these comments. It is probably not an authorized shirt, but they signed it anyway. The picture of Michie is oddly unflattering. Do I wear it with pride? Yes and no. While waiting for it to be signed, I missed what was probably the last performance of Prunella at CBGB's. My main feeling about wearing it is wondering how many washings before the signatures disappear.
I first became interested in Shonen Knife as a big fan of Babes in Toyland. Asked Kat Bjelland about everything they recorded (before they went on at Wetlands) (almost whining "there's got to be more than Spanking Machine") she mentioned they were on the Shonen Knife tribute. Well, yes, but not on the CD or 1 LP album, but only the 2 LP album (1 pink, 1 white, soft looking). They covered "Watching Girl". As a bonus, this one has the Lunachicks doing "Antonio Baka Guy" and some other cool stuff, for example by the Angels of Epistemology (on which their singing was OK. After years with Fairscape, I can't tolerate the bad singing on their other stuff, in spite of the good songwriting, etc.).
So then I got some of the Knife's own stuff. Back then the sweetish vocals & slightly punkish instrumentals was refreshing. (No more. All genres are clearly fated to be mixed--¿what was that popular song 10 years ago with disco-style rhythm section, heavy metal guitar part, and punk vocals plus rapping?) You have to admire the courage, or whatever it is, of Japanese people learning English who write and sing "Blast, blast, parallel woman, Destroy, destroy, parallel woman" in the middle of a song in their own language--I like the part about office automation leading to a mass suicide.
"Twist Barbie" is fun. "Dali's Sunflower" is great purely as music. "Insect Collector" is worthwhile just for the ending.
Other favorites: "Gomi Day", "Flying Jelly Attack", "Public Bath", "Lazybones", "Cannibal Papaya" (although it's a bit condescending to third world farmers).

Anyway, I haven't worn the shirt yet this year. Maybe the September open reading at BJ Spoke, or some multiple event day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friend PF….I just about fell off my chair in a heap of lovely giggles upon reading this post and viewing your pic ….your t-shirt….ah yes, the duded up casual alternative rock pink, blue and yellow poke-a-dotted hippie look... Right smart, I’d say.

My advice…. not that you asked but I’ll give it away for free….wear the t-shirt only to events that you plan on never eating at - never sweating at - or never getting grimy at because you should NEVER EVER WASH that shirt!

p.s.… shhh..don’t tell….I wouldn’t ever admit this in public …. but I’m rather fond of the lyrics ….”I’m a Supergirl”..*wink*

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 11:33:00 PM  

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