Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Poets in Port, December 28, 2007

Poets in Port will feature Phil Reinstein reading poems by Marie Emmons Wayne Reinstein 7:30 pm on Friday, December 28, 2007 at Caffé Portofino, 249 Main St., Northport, opposite the theatre. There will also be an Open Reading — the audience is encouraged to bring their poems and participate. For more information, contact Steven Schmidt.

Marie Emmons Wayne Reinstein (3/13/1952-5/22/2007) wrote poetry under the name of Marie Emmons.

In the words of Phil Reinstein:

Marie wrote her "old poems" between 1968 and 1974. She stopped writing poetry until 2001, as she devoted herself to her family, her friends, and her nursing work, mostly in the ICU. We met in October 2001 and soon found ourselves in love with a Capital "L". It was a second chance for both of us and we married on August 24, 2004. We had the 5 BEST years of our lives. When Marie became ill last Spring 2007, the love and compassion among her family and friends... her "pit crew"...thank you all, from Marie and from me. I am including a poem that was found posthumously. It was written on a blue 3" by 5" notepad. Titled "Four Days in Montauk 10/15/2001--10/19/2001". I first met Marie 10/20/01.

More of her poetry is available at MarieReinstein.com

Four Days in Montauk 10/15/01--10/19/01

Driving in anticipation
with doubtful thoughts and palpitations
on contemplating 4 days alone in

Determined to not be lonely
to find enough with just me
to stave off fears or to meet them head on
I will examine what has meaning here in this life of mine,
And broadening me to find the world there

I wrap a pink blanket 'round my shoulders and my legs
the wind is off the ocean

From the deck I see the whitecaps forming
on the expanse of Atlantic

Though the sun is shining and warm
the wind's speed and its audacity cuts us both—
Atlantic and me

I form whitecaps too in my life—yet
the depth of me is unchallenged as
Atlantic is too


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