Thursday, August 07, 2008


Just got this spam today:
Dear Friend,

I need your assistance in other to receive and accommodate the sum of US$36,800,000.00 on my behalf.

My name is Sergent David Viliami from Tonga Island located in the south pacific. I am among the 55 Royal Marines deployed in late 2007, guarding the command headquarters at Camp Victory in Baghdad.

My country is among the Multi-National Force in Iraq (MNF-I), led by the United States, that is fighting the Iraq War against Iraqi insurgents.

During one of our rescue Mission we came across a safe in a tunnel that contains the total sum of $210,000,000 (Two hundred and ten Million United States Dollars). This money belongs to the Iraqi insurgents. We believe that they use it to purchase arms and ammunitions. This was not our first time of making such discovery and in every such case we report it, i.e but in this case, all troupe members decided that we will keep it to ourself. I am the only Tongan national in this particular troupe and my own share of the money is as mentioned above (US$36.8Million), the rest are from USA. Most of the details I will relay to you later.

My country Tonga is a very small Island country with a very poor economy and taking such an amount there will attract great attention. I have therefore decided to relocate to your country as soon as we are discharged from this duty.

I need you to help me receive and keep this money while I wait for my discharge letter which is under processing. I have a solid arrangement in place and I need your willingness to assist me so that I can proceed. I am willing to offer you 20% of the total amount.

I know you do not have any knowledge of me but I was able to get your contact after searching out some information about you through the internet and if this proposal is acceptable by you, kindly send me an e-mail signifying your interest including an I.D and most confidential telephone numbers for quick communication, also your address where the fund would be delivered.

Please, do not entertain any fears, as I am assuring you 100% success.

As soon as I receive your email with the information, I will furnish you with full details on when and how the fund shall be delivered to you.

Waiting for our urgent reply.

Best regards,

Sgt. David Viliami

So, if the story were true, not only would this guy be stealing, but he'd abandon his "poor economy" homeland, where he could certainly live quite well with $36 Million, and help out his 113,000 fellow-citizens quite a lot.


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