Thursday, April 29, 2010

LI "Poetography"

Paumanok: Poems and Pictures of Long Island contains a carefully matched poem and picture for every day of the year. Just the thing for someone who has moved away from Long Island and only remembers the traffic. There's also some samples from the book and links to photographers and authors on the site. And info on the Sunday, May 2 LI Poet Laureates Celebration.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

talk to me

I just saw Obama's Thursday talk on his plans for NASA on CSPAN. He presented them in a well-reasoned way. It made me sad because it highlighted how unusual it is for politicians to do this. It's like when Bloomberg was talking about long-term planning for NYC, something I'd never heard of before. Maybe some of Obama's ideas are flawed. Is it really a good plan for private companies to build the next generation of rockets while NASA researches the one after that? There's the basic question: will any long-term plans survive the political process. But the presentation is at least respectful, as if both the questions and the citizens deserve thought. Of course, loves the buzzwords.