Saturday, October 29, 2016

Distilled Diamond

She's a jammer, Maryland All-Star, but against
Virginia mostly blocks, often with a stripe
prepared to take the star and score. Slamshine
Allie makes her own lane. Her twisty sideways
push through a tight pack to shut down a loose
jammer squirms hard as proof through derby
flow, inside or outside, always forward,
to frustrate one-on-one . When praised later,
she blazed her resolve, "That bitch isn't
getting past me."--And they didn't.

--about Slamshine Allie's play at The Battle of the All-Stars State Tournament, February 2016. See her with Brandywine Roller Derby on at 1pm EST on Friday, Nov 4 and on ESPN-3 at 3pm or 5pm on Sunday, November 6.