Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Poets In Port

Northport Arts Coalition presents a series of poetry readings on the fourth Friday of every month at 7:30 at Caffé Portofino, 249 Main St., Northport, opposite the theater.

Bring your poems and participate in the Open Reading. Music is also welcome.
For more information, contact Steven Schmidt.

Featured Poets:
May 27, 2011Anna di Bella
June 24, 2011Jeanette Klimszewski
July 22, 2011To Be Announced
August 26, 2011To Be Announced
September 23, 2011Muriel Weinstein
October 28, 2011Max Wheat
Past Readings
April 22, 2011Barbara Southard & Linda Benninghoff
March 25, 2011Kempton Boone van Hoff
February 25, 2011Andy Burke
January 28, 2011Susan Pilewski & Barbara Reiher-Meiers
November 26, 2010Open Reading, including favorite poems by others.
September 24, 2010Tara Propper
August 27, 2010Christine Z.
July 23, 2010Joli Ienuso
June 25, 2010Mary Jane Tenerelli
May 28, 2010Dorothy Friedman
April 23, 2010Cliff Bleidner
March 26, 2010George Held
January 22, 2010Kelly Powell
November 27, 2009Open Reading
October 30, 2009John Williams
Sep 25, 2009Tammy Nuzzo-Morgan
August 28, 2009Phil Asaph
July 31, 2009Jo Barry & Jim Friel
June 26, 2009C. E. Hegarty
May 29, 2009Gloria g. Murray
April 24, 2009Lorraine Conlin
March 27, 2009Doug Swezey
February 27, 2009Destina Graf
January 30, 2009Andrea Rowen
December 26, 2008Bonnie J. Cassidy
November 28, 2008Barbara Reiher-Meyers
October 31, 2008Ginger Williams and Beverly
September 26, 2008Doug Swezey, Kate Kelly, and Tammy
Nuzzo-Morgan reading poems by Jean Schmidt
aka Grace Darling aka fairsCaPe
August 22, 2008Tony Policano
July 25, 2008Jack Barrett Wohl
June 27, 2008Jay Jii
May 30, 2008Thomas Brinson
April 25, 2008Gladys Henderson
March 28, 2008Michelle Whittaker & Kempton Van Hoff
February 29, 2008J.R. Turek
January 25, 2008JoAnn Proscia
December 28, 2007Phil Reinstein performing poems by
Marie Emmons Wayne Reinstein
November 30, 2007Kathaleen Donnelly
October 26, 2007Peter Dugan
September 28, 2007Edgar Carlson
August 24, 2007Mankh
June 22, 2007Bart Allen
May 25, 2007Mary Jane Tenerelli
March 23, 2007Steven Post
February 23, 2007Jessica Lang
January 26, 2007Richard Bronson
December 22, 2006Greg Moglia
November 24, 2006Barbara Hoffman
October 14, 2006Kate Dellis Stover
September 22, 2006Kate Kelly
August 25, 2006Jessica Lang
July 28, 2006Annabelle Moseley
May 26, 2006Beverly Smith
April 28, 2006Duane Esposito
March 24, 2006Binnie Pasquier
October 28, 2005Phil Sparacino
August 25, 2005Open mic
April 29, 2005Poetreeman (aka John Kicker)
and music by Sun, Moon and Stars
January 27, 2005George Wallace and music by Cathy Kreger


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