Sunday, November 25, 2007

Golden Spiral Bamboo Sculpture

This sculpture by Thea Lanzisero Monier-Williams is back up in Heckscher Park in Huntington. For pictures, see

Golden Spiral

One-way spiral dance
not to death
but to a beginning:
the first day and a half
of this cosmos--what
day meant before any sun, turn
before any nebula.
A month began before the moon
in original glade, simple and lush
screened from infinity,
where children forget.

Twist from strong point
down to greedy open gate--
and we must extend, think bamboo
continued sharper and smaller
to engulf park and slice fences.
Orbit spiral's domain--
Night partitions rigged stakes;
shadows on them change
as if to hide steps of a plan
one dare not picture whole.

Full moonlight shows them battered slack,
on grid renewed in orange.
Day's meaning follows woven ropes, gradual and jumping,
to knots and spurs, lives in harmless cracks and
breaks, in precise haphazard
slanting together.


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